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Cromium_kate18 karma

I just read an excerpt from your book. I will definitely be buying it. You so beautifully captured the dual nature of destruction and rebirth that is encapsulated in Detroit. I am originally from Michigan and when I graduated from college I moved to Detroit. You worded my intentions so well; I had similar aspirations.

Unfortunately, I was worn down by seeming futility of what I was doing. Eventually I felt like sisyphus pushing back against forces I couldn't move. I left.

Do you plan on staying indefinitely? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the negative aspects of living in Detroit?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

Cromium_kate1 karma

I often have problem with dry eyes, too. I have heard that chronic dry painful eyes is a possible adverse reaction to lasik surgery. I have not gotten lasik because I am scared of this side effect. My vision may be terrible now, but at least my eyes don't hurt. How commonly do people have this reaction to lasik surgery? What are the risk factors? Can anything be done to reduce the risk of this happening?