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Sorry, this really leaves a lot of the story out. What would you tell them to get the food? Would they ask you questions? Did you just spill your life story to them? Or I guess... what is it that you were doing?

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I'm stuck on pantoprazole. Since i was about 16. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia - recently was very sick from constant heartburn - got my endoscopy and they didn't see the hiatal hernia some 10 plus years later.

The gastroeneterologists grand advice for me was to "start taking a ppi". Ah what ive been doing for years? Was his doctor a total joke?

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Do you or anybody else know a good place to window shop? Or do you just do this via locality?

Edit: Just realized how silly the locality question was given the context.

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Hey I really need this for two of my loved ones. I am having trouble getting them to doctors appointments, and I can't blame them, it's a shitty set up that let's depression and anxiety FLOURISH. Can you relay what kind of options there were if you can remember like pricing/"open beds"/3 days a week or 5 and what kind of exercises they had you doing?