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What advice might you have for those with bipolar disorder seeking the psychedelic experience?

Also, what long-term positive and negative effects did/do psychedelics have on your life and mind? Do you feel that the positives outweigh those negatives?

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Gotcha! Thanks! I tend to deal with more depressive episodes than hypomanic/manic, so that’s very helpful to know. :)

Also... do different psychedelics impact your depressive and hypomanic/manic states differently?

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Do you also have bipolar II??? I’ve been super eager to talk to someone with bipolar who’s tried psychedelics!!

I’d like to try them myself, but I don’t want to mess up my brain really badly... So, I’ve wanted to ask someone with bipolar about their experience with psychedelics, and what they do to keep themselves safe during a trip.

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Oh snap!!!

And thanks for responding!

I’ll put in a question as a direct comment to the post. :D

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Do you have any recipe or specific product recommendations for people with skin sensitivities/allergies?

I developed a latex allergy this year—which sucks become I have unopened containers of liquid latex!! And I really wanted to do some decaying gore for Halloween...

On a related note, what are your favorite gory textures to make?

Thank you for this AMA!