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Just a random thought...

I'm much older than you guys (36). I feel as though the advances younger people today are making across the board, from conducting research to creating new products and services, is at a much higher rate (at least awareness wise) than those my age when we were in high school.

Do you believe high schoolers today are better educated and raised, or are these advancements happening due to growing up around our current technology?

Some might even argue... This generation is much more intelligent than the last.

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What is the key to your success - visualizations, affirmations, any of that?

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Thanks for the clarification diamondpredator.

It isn't as much just a tech advancement thing. Tech obviously just fits in with this AMA. I'm talking about young kids wanting to start companies, creating products, and even getting involved in social/political issues. We live in an age where it seems (at least based on watching TV) kids are a lot less like "kids". Maybe my perception is off since I am never actually around people of that age range.

I'm 36. My family had their first PC and internet when I was in 5th grade. Maybe it was because I never became interested in tech, but we always saw it as something cool to play around with. In 5 grade I wasn't thinking about setting up my future.

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Are there any measurable studies that show visualizations can change brain chemistry and pathways?