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I love how open and blunt you are with what has always been private or ignored issues by being absolutely upfront. Not just talking about it, but talking concretely about it with examples and specifics.

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You keep it clean in your videos and podcasts and public appearances, but I've always really wanted to know... How much do you and Hank curse?

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What would you recommend to a person who currently works a 9-5 but who wants to break out into their own endeavors that aren't as reliable?

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Are you familiar with Louis CK's "suck a bag of dicks" bit?

This is a question I never thought I would ask you.

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If we come across you in public, how would you prefer we approach you if at all?

EDIT: Apparently not by screaming and running to hug you. But I'm not sure if I could muster that much expressiveness anyway.