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I'm glad people like you are capable of making math mistakes when rushed or not paying full attention. Gives the rest of us hope.

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I feel that way about 3D TV. Movies too. Get off my lawn, etc.

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Irish speaker checking in with our word for butterfly. Pronounced fey-la-caun where caun rhymes with the name Shaun which we spell Seán.

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If you ever want to pick the brain of a native speaker of Irish throw me a PM and i'd be glad to offer an opinion. I speak the west coast dialect of Irish as i'm from Connemara but I am familiar with the other dialects as well.

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A friend of mine is a paramedic and responded to a road traffic accident which turned out to be his own wife. She was dead when he found her. It messed him up pretty bad. The ambulance driver had to handle the job by himself as my friend just kind of shut down.