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Hi I'm 31 and I graduated from a pretty reputable university in architecture. I worked in the field for a few years after graduation. But for the past few years I've had to put my career on hold because my elderly parents (early 70s) aren't able to sell their business in the small town they live in. I'm pretty much running their business now and spending my spare time dealing with their issues such as filing out tax forms, applying for covid benefits, etc. My plan is to help them out until they're able to sell their business. However, I feel like they might be forced to retire soon due to their age and gradual cognitive and physical decline. It might take around 3-5 years for the business to recover from covid shut down. It could even be likely that I'd be stuck with their business until I am able to save enough money to sell the business for cheap and move on with my life. Anyways, I don't plan on doing this forever, and I would like to resume my architecture/construction career when I get the opportunity.

Any tips for older people who want to change careers or are starting a career later in life? I've kind of resigned myself to the idea that from now on, based on the choices I've made, that I would have to be an entrepreneur in order to make any decent amount of income. It seems like I'd be in a huge disadvantage if I started at a big professional company in my mid thirties.