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Crayonnoyarc3 karma

This was my first time seeing Minnesota live too. He rocked the crowd's world that day!

Crayonnoyarc2 karma

Hey Christian, you are the motherfreaking man! Your music is some of my absolute favorite tunes. From your older remixes to your own production, it's all fantastic. I've had some bad luck missing you at Counterpoint & in Kansas City, can't wait to see you live again. Of the artists you've toured with, who have you had the most fun with, or gained the most from musically?

Crayonnoyarc2 karma

I'd love it if he threw down some of his older remixes in his sets as well. I think he might've dropped California Dreaming at his Summer Set 13 set, but I could be wrong

Crayonnoyarc1 karma

Hey homie, can you link to the Summer 2014 mix, I've yet to hear it, and I can't find it on soundcloud...