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Modern days China would be Marx worst nightmare.

They took the bad side of Communism and the bad side of Capitalism and mixed it together, forming a structure that is even worse than what most other countries have to face.

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not arguing your point, but how is that specific case different from any other language?

If something really surprising happens, and you just react with "WHAT?", that's pretty normal, no? Nani/What is a quite versatile word in any language.

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First of all, congratulations on turning 100 Mr. Shepherd!

I believe that every person has a personal way of experiencing music. Therefore I would like to know, how do you feel while playing? What kind of emotions do you usually run through during a concert?

If possible, I have a second question. A good friend of mine plays the flute, and she loves music more than anything. However, she lacks confidence; she desires to break away from studied music and develop her own style of playing, but at the same time she believes that she does not have enough talent.

You on the other hand did not shy away from any role music offered you. Be it playing drums, trombone, singing, or writing music yourself, you did it all with your own skill in your own Shep Shepherd way. So on behalf of my friend, I would like to ask: How did you find the confidence to play freely and to put your own stamp on music?

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tbf this heavily depends on the authors style of writing.

Paul Auster for example writes paragraph per paragraph; meaning he will write one single paragraph and then revise it until he's entirely happy with it (at which point he will transfer it from handwriting to typewriter).

He also said he usually writes maybe 1 page a day, "2 is great, 3 is a miracle."

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I remember an interview with Bar Refaeli in which she said that she basically never gets hit on, likely because guys think they don't have a chance anyway.

Do you experience the same? Do more or less guys try to talk to you since you won?