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We have not seen nearly the amount of protest against the latest internet legislation. I presume a large part of this has to do with people either tired of fighting what seems to be an impossible opponent or there just hasn't been the same magnitude of press fighting against it to rile people up. Is this an inevitable issue that will only be more difficult to overcome with time?

Why haven't I seen more discussion of trying to organize another internet blackout? Will it lose the same bite if it happens again and again? Will reddit go through another blackout, maybe for longer this time?

Is there a serious effort being put into developing a parallel version of the internet that can gain serious monetary backers? Or is this just a sort of pipe dream that can't effectively be accomplished in the near future? (I forget the name of the subreddit that was discussing building something like this).

Is regulation at the CISPA of the internet really a bad thing? I know there was a lot of hype about the loss of net neutrality, but would legislation like that really lead down such a slippery slope as it was hyped to be just a year ago, or is that just hype to rile up support (just like the other side riles up fears about piracy)?

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They're commonly called "rest stops", we have a ton over on the jersey turnpike

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Oh I'm not saying that most officers aren't doing their jobs properly. I know many, especially at my college campus (whom I've interacted most with) are incredibly great people. I definitely understand the whole idea of people being hyper sensitive to the bad things and oblivious to the good. I am also not saying that all NYC cops are corrupt either, it was just the first example of quotas that I could think of off the top of my head. As I can tell from the rest of the AMA, it definitely seems like you guys are pretty swell guys.

I just get very skeptical when I read someone giving a very whitewash answer about something like what was originally given. I guess I didn't really phrase it well, but I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts about the bad stuff that does happen and if it affects you guys. Sort of looking for the other perspective, I hope that makes more sense.

Thank you for the AMA.

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Maybe I'm a bit skeptical due to my time on the internet, but I've seen too many stories of police officers having arrest quotas and unjustly raiding houses and killing pets just because there's a suspicion of weed possession. I understand having not being able to discuss it beyond the standard corporate copy-paste response, but can you talk about the sort of issues we see frequently coming from cities like New York City and others.