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Ever run into Kevin Weeks out and about ?

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I remember this game being an instant hit and being very addicted to it. Thank you for creating such a staple when I was a kid. When someone mentions OT it's instant nostalgia.

Do you ever think about creating a newer updated version ?

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Thanks for the reply and thank you for helping to create such an amazing memory of my childhood.

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If you have watched or followed the Avery case do you have any thoughts on what happened or did you investigate any of it yourself and do you believe he's innocent ?

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Thanks for the reply Howie. Oh yeah, I saw that 60 minutes and also heard the " I was waiting outside his house across the street and was ready to take him out but he had a kid with him " story.

Wonder what whitey is doing right now in jail ? I can't believe he was in California the whole time. I was thinking Europe.