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CrackedHandsXIV1 karma

It doesn’t matter at all if your investors own every gun on the planet. You’re facilitating law enforcement to identify gun owners. That is exactly the opposite of what the second amendment guarantees us. You’re playing a role in destroying the very thing that made this country somewhere your mom chose to move to because she couldn’t protect herself or you in her own country.

CrackedHandsXIV-1 karma

Do you think the problem that caused your mom to move here was that citizens didn’t have the right to bear arms in South Africa that we have in our constitution? If so, is what you’re doing undermining the very thing that makes the people of this country safe and allowed her and you to move here. Don’t start the answer with “that’s a good question” I’m not interested in your approval I’m interested in the facts and what makes you think this contributes to our society and how we can avoid repeating the mistakes of South Africa

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Sidestepping the political issue of people being able to defend themselves? Even if unsuccessfully as your family friend did, it can and does deter attempts. This is not a negotiable issue unless you want to amend the constitution and I’m absolutely ashamed as you should be that you’d play some role in undermining our rights. I don’t own a gun, have never shot or even held one capable of shooting and have no interest in it. But to facilitate a registry or anything of the sort is despicable and you should seriously reconsider