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Hi guys!

First, I am very sorry for your loss. It truly shook our community. Many friends in high school had personal connections to those lost.

Now to my question: will be there be a greater awareness to gun-violence in the Annapolis area? E.g. more reporting, etc.

It was very moving to see people come together. However, I'm concerned that other instances of gun violence are completely overlooked. Namely, those that occur in predominantly black neighborhoods. It's a beautiful city and the crime is relatively low; however, murders and shootings that took place just this passed summer went completely unnoticed. And trust me... I ask a lot of fellow residents, almost everybody had no clue... even the shooting outside of Safeway!!

If we widen the scope of violence, even stabbings and armed robberies are generally a footnote in the press with little outrage. Usually only from those streets or communities raise awareness.

Are there efforts being done by the Capital, or any other groups you may know of to raise this awareness? As a resident and neighbor to some of these communities, these people deserve a voice and an outlet for change.

I am extremely appreciative of any and all input. And if available dont hesitate to send a PM message. As a concerned resident I want to do what I can to help. Also will be trying to go to the police community safety meeting (if they ACTUALLY have it this time) off of Taylor. They conveniently cancelled it in August with no reason.

Thank you again for all you do

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Is your family harassed by authorities back home?

What do you think of Xi DaDa's gov't and his subsequent crackdown on rights in general? Is there any hope for certain persecuted groups i.e. Falun Gong, Uighurs, etc? (Maybe it's a loaded question but I'm still curious)

At TianAnMen did you believe the Deng gov't at the time was capable of such horrible things?

My deepest apologies for the horrible things you witnessed. I have lived in China and found it to have some of the nicest/most hospitable people I've ever met. It's a shame that the gov't is so afraid of losing face even at the expense of its own people. Alas... I guess some could say the same of the US.

I'm looking forward to your responses, thank you.