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Cptsensible22 karma

I live in a shared house, and we currently have a very poor Virgin line. My PC is hooked up to power line adapters (because i didnt buy a wifi card) which is actually worse than the Wi-Fi on my phone/TV. Could this be the modem/router/isp or is it more likely shite wiring in the house?

Cptsensible2 karma

They worked perfectly at my old place constant speeds that were only ~10% less than direct in.

Honestly i'm fairly sure the issue is the actual router - Its some Hitronhub thing that is old as balls but according to our property manager virgin are insisting it's fine.

Annoyingly i don't have access to anything that i can take downstairs to plug in and i'm not keen on taking my whole machine down to perch on a shoerack for testing.

Cptsensible2 karma

Thanks i hadn't checked the virgin cables.

Unfortunately its up to our property manager to sort out an engineer, and she hasn't managed to do so. Looks like we're changing to EE/Vodafone soon.