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Link for the curious

Which dude are you?

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How much time, on average, would you say you put in to uploading all of your financial data? I’m horrible about keeping track of my spending and I should really do a better job of it.

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Embarrassed to say I’m 41 and my wife and I make great money together. I have just been extrememly laisez-faire about or finances since we aren’t pinching pennies.

I will look into this and try to make a change. I’d love to know exactly where my money is going because as of right now, it’s only a guess.

Edit: thank you for taking the time to type this out. Appreciate your time.

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Ah well, I'm in the military, already have one.

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CRNA here, just re-asking about the anesthesia team. Do you use Anesthesiologists or CRNAs or both?