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CptChikadee3 karma

Hi Rob, I’m really interested in contributing to The Correspondent, I like a lot of your stated values but I’ve read quite a few criticisms about the way De Correspondent has been run, — including some seriously questionable editorial choices and actual diversity vs performative declarations of diversity.

After Sarah Kendzior alleged you deleted her articles, I believed it was a misunderstanding over a URL change. But what about her allegation that your editor wouldn’t accept things like climate change and voter suppression were happening in the US under Trump? Is that whatthe vague reference to having a deep disagreement over the level of sourcing in her final unpublished article was about in The Correspondent’s response? If so, what kind of sourcing did your editor require -- those seem like pretty well accepted fact, afaik.

This article lays out a lot of accusations against The Correspondent on the diversity issue. Some of it is hearsay and anonymous complaints but some of it is substantive. For example, how do you respond to the allegation that your diversity hires in the Netherlands have been heavily subsidized by the Dutch Government and foundations, something that was not disclose despite your touted transparency principles?

Also, why would a publication serious about upholding diversity publish an article (in April of 2018), titled, “Why it’s unhelpful to label people as racists, fascists or terrorists”? Is that a concept you stand by as an organization, or does De Correspondent regularly publish articles with viewpoints that are contradictory to its principles? Because how can you uphold diversity if you believe you can't call people out for racism?

As a POC these issues are very important to me and I want to have clear answers before I commit to supporting your organization and recommending others do the same. Thanks for your time.