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Would it be technically or bureaucratically difficult to install microphones to record it next year?

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Collimators turned out to be a good search term for sounds, thanks!

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a lot more staff that was working on different aspects of the story - like design, publishing or reporting on the ground

How informed were they? How did you brief the designers, for example? Was ist along the lines of "So, we need a nice graphic with Putin, the Icelandic PM, and a football player... Messi would be good."?

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When you build rapport, does it, to a degree, go both ways? What I mean is, can you set aside the obvious differences, and still find actual common ground on a personal level?

Were you nervous when you went face to face with Lara Logan?

After all those interviews you've given recently, did any of the journalists ask you about techniques that they could use themselves? Are there even any parallels where the skill set between the two professions is transferrable, at least to a degree?

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then this one episode came along where Pingu lost his mother

Unexpected popular character surprise deaths in favourite TV series suck, don't they?