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To the grandchild: enjoy his stories. Record them if possible. They're priceless.

To grandpa: thank you for your years of service. You, my sir, are a hero & make America grand. Hats off to you!

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The UUs make it quite easy for everyone to come together under the common goal of being good human beings. I'm Jewish, not practicing, but feel more at home during a UU service (the handful of times I went) because of, well, their unity. Not in your face, not trying to convert, but acceptance of a greater goal. I do my best to teach this to my own kids as well. The big picture. Yes, we're Jewish, but we're human first - let's concentrate of humanitarian aspects, not trying to "win" people. So far I have 2 great teens that fully support this "crazy idea." Not too shabby.

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I went the opposite way, choosing implants instead of a reduction. I see you've mentioned pain in other replies. Was it pain or pressure? For me, it was more pressure (like an elephant sitting on my chest). Is that not the case for a reduction?

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When someone loses sensation to a limb, say from an accident, and that limb will never be able to be functional again, they get phantom pains. It's been researched that they do have legitimate pain in that area, though brief. People will also get a muscle spasm where it looks like they have control over that area. But they don't

Have you ever had moments where you could hear something (more than say a rattling bass sound that produces feeling as well)?

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You are not progressive in my eyes; you're kind with open eyes. I wish more people thought like you do instead of being hung up on old doctrine (which has changed over time) to tell them what to do, say, & think.