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Thanks for replying, but I disagree with you to a degree on saying you can still say things, as you were arrested! That's insane!!! That's not freedom and you didn't say anything that was a threatening. It's like that poor woman that was arrested for saying women are born with vaginas. it's now considered hate speech and transphobic which is insane!! I hope political correctness doesn't get worse though cos god help us all otherwise 😂

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Very true! Although it's worrying because if you were incited for hate speech, it could go on your record. I hope that didn't happen to you! No one talks anymore, everything is just shut off and considered hate speech if they disagree.

You could join gender critical, they have a lot of discussions about those people. Pretty certain you won't be banned either, plus there's a sub called gender critical guys.

I'm 27 but I miss the way the world was even a decade ago. There wasn't all this hyper sensitivity.

take care x

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How do you feel about how pc the world has become? You can't say anything anymore!! and I think you brought up some good points, as it is important to understand why shooters do it, in order to prevent it happening again. Do you think the politically correctness will eventually die down and go back to how it was, or do you think it will get much worse?