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They brought me a fork when I asked them.

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Do you worry about any long-term health effects attributed to your tics? Likewise, have you experienced injury from your tics? (I recall watching a documentary that showed a kid that had to wear a neck brace because he would flail his head about)

Are the episodes stress/anxiety related, or are they completely random.

What areas of your life would you say have suffered due to your condition. Transversely, what are some aspects, if any, that you think are kind of cool or sort of "perks"?

I'm not familiar with the condition, so excuse my ignorance but, are the tics completely uncontrollable, or are you able to stop them if you try really really hard (as in, is it a psychological thing, or neurological?)

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Probably depends on location.

I looked into starting one in my home town only to learn there is a non-trivial tax levied per machine

Like, it would have to be moderately successful just to cover the city amusement taxes, then you've still got rent etc.

Edit: just looked it up again. Appears that it's been drastically lowered. It's 30 bucks per machine yearly. It used to be significantly worse.