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Do you bother finding these people in online games? Years ago there was this 30+ year old always finding and hitting on 12-16 year old girls on a PS2 game. I contacted Perverted Justice and told them about it, but they just said they only do chatrooms.

this was years ago, so do you bother with online games now? There a many naive children playing them. I run into 12-14 year old girls in Second Life all the time (well, i've seen/confirmed like maybe 6 in the span of 3 or 4 years, but still). I remember one was hanging out with some vampire guy and he apparently like buying her avatar sexy clothing and he refered to her as his daughter and such.

If anything I think you guys should have a strong presence in games like IMVU. It's practically a candy store for pedos. I have a job that involves interacting wiht IMVU and Second Life users and the amount of children in IMVU willing put themselves out there is too damn high.

Edit: to everyone shocked that SL still exists, yeah it does and it's still going very strong. Literally millions of dollars exchange hands within the game every single day. A lot of people fail to realize that Second Life isn't primarily a 3D game or social environment where you just chat to people. It's a tool for 3D models, scripters/programmers, animators, artists etc etc to use and a platform for making real life money. Sure most realize that it involves real life money, but what you may not realize is how many people are doing it. I personally make about 20USD a week from selling clothing and items. There's a lot of money to be made with it, yet 90% of the SL population never bother with content creations. It's a great tool in that sense, but I'd never recommend to my family members because of the typical Second Life user being bat shit crazy.

I'd recommend it to you guys though if you're interested in making things and sell them in a virtual space. You can literally make and do anything. ANYTHING. It's just that most people fail to understand this concept and give up on it after a few days. People have even made Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear that functions just like it does in the anime. You can seriously make and do anything. Give it a try and you'll see SL itself isn't shitty. Just most of the peopel are just like here on reddit and anywhere on the internet.

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I'm not him and can't grow a mustache even though I'm in my 20's. But I'm a black guy, can buy a fake stache, cut my hair like him, and buy an astronomy book and we can set up a snuggle date. Then I can back out at the last minute because I'll be too shy and nervous fart too much and I wouldn't understand the astronomy book. I'll also tiny and itchy cut on my finger that I keep scratching, but that's just making it worse :(

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rolls up on a skate board wearing a bright teal, lime green, and hot pink shiny jacket

Why? They don't even taste like apple

90's kid pose

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If NASA discovered "animal like" aliens (can't talk, behave like animals, just eat sleep and poop and just wander around etc) what would happen with it.