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How are we supposed to have an honest discussion about how corporations have worked together to consolidate political power and stifle dissent, when we are being told anyone who looks too far into this kind of corruption is a “conspiracy theorist” and shouldn’t be taken seriously?

How do we talk objectively about the oligarchy when they are the ones in control of the media and messages that we see?

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As of 2017 the board is composed of:

When you look into all of the corruption involved with the US federal government and banks like HSBC, do you think its time as a society to start dealing with this as a wholistic problem of corruption in society as it currently is, by doing things like making huge reforms to how we allow DC and these corporations to operate?

Or do you think it's best to just continue using what we have to try and tackle one specific issue at a time

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My question about this is, what are we going to do with those who refuse the vaccine? Are we going to force them to be vaccinated against their will? Because that seems like a line I really hope we don’t cross

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These days mainstream news like NPR will talk about things like Jeffrey Epsteins “suicide”, admit everything about it is fishy, then bury the story with no follow up. Then a year later say that people who are concerned about powerful sex traffickers acting with legal immunity are conspiracy theorists that are part of q anon and a danger to our society.

It’s not hard to see why. The cia has a propaganda campaign that was outed in the church committee known as project mockingbird. Our intelligence program that is funded by our taxes has ties to basically every major social media company and news network and has for decades. We pay them to lie to us. They don’t want us mad about our military causing famine in Yemen they want us mad about masks and cops

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How long do you see drug prohibition remaining America’s federal policy?

How is it possible for the drug classification act to remain in place when we have enough scientific data to prove it is based on lies?