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CornerPieceOfPie19 karma

This is really insightful. Thanks for sharing. I’ve often wondered how people in your position deal with the idea that they may find themselves in a situation where they are forced to shoot someone, to save lives. The movies make it seem so easy, but I really don’t think it is for very many people. Real life is more complicated.

Based on the article this guy was a hazard to put it nicely- charges of statutory rape and sexual battery of a child just a year before. The legal system failed terribly and should’ve had this guy off the streets to protect the public. I think you saved more lives than the 2 ladies that were attacked by him that day. I think you are a hero. I wish a hero had been present when my family member was killed by her ex, and she lay dying while officers played stand-off with her murderer. Believe me, the world needs people like you. People who will act. People who will do what needs doing.

I’m truly sorry for how hard this has been for you. I don’t know if it helps much to know people like me, who don’t even know you, stand with you. I hope the light your shining on how protective security officers are treated will result in changes that will better your life, and others in the field.

Do you have much support from other security officers regarding the changes you’d like to see in employment practices? It seems crazy to me that you’re not categorized as federal workers. Are people rallying from different states to also show support?

Also, are there any state or nation wide support groups for people in your role? There must be others who have been through similar circumstances as you.