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Would you advise against ALL Kaspersky software? I've used their software updater for a while now, should I ditch?

Also, do you come across much that is completely out of your pay grade?

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✋👌👉👍🤜🤘. 🤘✋👋🖕👇👏👇👇 👉🤘👆?

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What sort of things on a daily basis have changed for you? As in sleeping patterns, relationships with old friends, things like that. In fact what is the average 24 hour day in the life of Analy? :-)

Do you find people to be condescending at all towards you? I'd imagine there's idiots who would probably mean well but actually make you feel worse.

Finally (sorry to monopolise your time a bit!) but I saw that it was swelling that is the root cause of the quadriplegia so over time will the swelling and bruising not subside or is there likely to be further damage than the bruising?

All the best in your recovery, I think you're handling the situation fantastically!

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Thanks for the answers, really insightful! I saw in another answer how you'd be open to doing public speaking on what's happened, think you'll go through with it at some point? I hope you do, I think you'd definitely open a lot of people's eyes.