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A depressing essay or a sad story doesn't equal a great application. There is a misconception that admissions only cares if something horrible has happened to you. We want to learn more about YOU in your essay - your story is not like everybody else's.

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The School of Hotel Administration (SHA) has an excellent Career Services Office. There are a wide range of opportunities in business now that the major is AACSB accredited.

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No, but he is one of our favorite alumni ambassadors! :) Check him out at convocation: http://www.cornell.edu/video/2014-senior-convocation-featuring-ed-helms.

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Our bad. :) Sometimes it is harder for us to remember outrageous applications for admitted students and this was a good example of a student we seriously considered.

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Sometimes yes, we can tell and sometimes we can't. Students should make their own choices about who to engage during the college search. We want students to be authentic and real in their applications and to submit their own work.