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I was on the Cruiser that picked them up, USS Anzio. And from what I understand, they were somewhere they should not have been and got caught. Iran held our sailors just like any country would if they found a foreign governments military scooting around. The “prisoners” were treated fairly and returned quickly.

I literally watched the media blow everything out of proportion and make Iran look like it kidnapped people. We fucked up. They acted admirably. Am I wrong?

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I watched a TED talk about this. About how mouth breathing is the root of some bad stuff. I also read about humming(vibrating nasal cavity) increases nitric oxide or nitrogen somehow. Have you heard of this?

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Favorite go-to tour food? Like what is your, "I only eat _______ on the road.".

Thanks. Keep putting out great music! Except maybe slow it down I tend to sync my run pace with your BPM and y'all are killing me.

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What did you not want this documentary to be about?

Like was there a direction that you found yourself going in that you tried to avoid. Or something you definitely wanted to steer clear of.

I.e. Focusing on famous actors turned soldiers, or solely historically based or opinion, etc