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I second the request for verification, but I also want to get a couple questions:

How long can a plastic receiver really last? How dumb is anyone who thinks this will get past airport security, since the barrel and ammo are still made of metal? How did you feel about realizing you founded the napster of guns?

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I am sorry, I was considering an interview I heard on NPR a while back and did not realize that the barrel was also plastic. That's fascinating...

Have you found that any particular round or style of firearm (Long guns v Hand guns) has a better performance with the materials a 3D printer uses?

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Cool... I've always had an admiration for the 'peasant gun'. The Mosin-Nagant, the AK-47, they all have a special place in history for being the affordable, reliable, effective tool. I do look forward to seeing what can be accomplished. Thank you for taking some time to answer questions about this and for facing the political fallout.

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Ten rounds... Liberator... Is the name a play off of he .45s the allies dropped over occupied France to the resistance in WWII?

Also, ten rounds is pretty impressive for 'plastic'. Do you have a specific goal number you're trying to reach or is it more of an 'as many as possible' thing?

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On that note, what has been the biggest legal hurdle you/your business have bad to clear? I imagine the ability to make 'throw away' firearms without registration or serial numbers has been... sticky.