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I'm 26 years old. Unfortunately, seeing Miles Kennedy with Slash open for you guys this summer was the closest I'll ever be to GNR. Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses would be my dream concert.

Hearing them play Mr. Bownstone was incredible.

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What is a song you refuse to play live?

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What band has been the most enjoyable to tour with?

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I was diagnosed Hydocephalus as an infant as well. I got a lumbar shunt. The surgeon that operated on me, was on the team that developed my shunt. I was the first baby that got the kind that I have. So, thats kind of cool. You says yours goes down your chest, and that seems scary to me. Can you see it in your skin? Mine goes down my spine. I can feel it in my neck and again near my tailbone, and there is a huge scar there. It wraps around to my belly and I have a scar there as well.

Yay for being alive. Congrats to you :)

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Right, I agree. But I'm positive it is not even close to being on par with what he is describing and what I have always imagined. However, I'll take what I can get!