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Hi Jon,

Hypothetical scenario: NYC's rats and roaches form a pact and take control of the city. You have to move the location of the Daily Show for the foreseeable future while the boroughs are fumigated. Ignoring the convenience of any pre-existing local film industries, where would you ideally relocate and why?

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Hi Dr. Gupta! Given the attention ALS is currently receiving from social media, are there any other medical issues you would like to see receive similar attention?

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Hi Matthew! I have a serious question and a less serious question.

Serious question: How (if at all) do you think Mad Men would be different had it aired on HBO as initially considered instead of AMC?

Less serious question: Who would come out on top in a brawl between all current and former employees of SCD&P (and earlier iterations)?

Thanks for Mad Men!

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Hi Pierce! Serious question/less serious question time.

Serious question: You've worked with quite a few actors, directors and crews over the years. Which movie was the absolute most fun to make and why?

Less serious question: Would you rather fight one Jaws-sized Oddjob or 20 Oddjob-sized Jaws' (and why)?

Bonus wildcard question: Why does nobody live after November comes through? If anything shouldn't it be called The January Man? At least there's some historical backing there.

Have a great afternoon!