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My husband and I took the PATH train in from NJ every day. That day, we got to the station and there was a WTC train already waiting. We debated just taking that one or waiting for the 14th/Christopher St one. We chose to wait for the latter.

If we took that WTC train, we would have been there right as the first plane hit. Instead, we watched everything unfold from our office in the West Village.

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3 - Bishop Timlin from the Diocese of Scranton. Not only knew about the rape of one girl, also knew she got pregnant from it, paid for the abortion and paid off her family. Up until this report, he was still active and assisting the Diocese. They are currently looking at all the evidence against him and he is currently forbidden to do any work whatsoever for the Diocese. https://www.timesleader.com/news/715509/715509

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I have a very weird question and a long story leading up to it so please forgive me ahead of time.

In the Fall of 1996, I was a freshman at Maryland Institute College of Art. I was way out of my league so I basically stopped going to classes. I liked to just explore the city so one day, my friend and I happened upon the library. I don’t know which one, which branch etc. but we were just wandering around the building and we ended up on I think the 2nd floor. There was a room with glass doors and we just opened them and walked in.

Turns out, it was a Poe room. Glass gases lines the walls and they were full of handwritten letters, first editions of books. So much stuff. We were in awe.

We took our time and took in everything.

Just as we left the room and closed the doors, a worker asked us if we had an appointment. We said noooo? And then she said that the room was private and required an appointment.

We realized - oh shit - and quickly said sorry and ran downstairs.

My question is - does such a room exist? Is it really private? What did we see?!

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Seconded! What kind of doggos?!

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Ughhhhh he is my silver fox crush and you just made it worse!