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Who is the evil twin? I don't see a goatee....

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How do stunt people regart actors who decide to do their own stunts? Do you respect them, get annoyed at them risking their lives and the whole productions for acheap thrill, or worry because this is basically a newbie who's never done a stunt before being thrown in at the deep end? Or a combination of those. Or something different. mysterious music plays

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Whats the worst thing you've had to do?

Do you think the body scanners are safe?

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I've never heard of this before. I can't watch the links, so can't see if these are answered there sorry.

I can't even imagine the scale of this operation. Roughly how many people are in this program, and how many animals are in it?

I'm just wondering because I know with dogs often they work with the same people over and over because they are used to it, and you have to train the human just as much. So I wonder if dolphins and sea lions need a similar level on consistency, or are they pretty good at dealing with new people?

Also how attached do you get to the animals, how attached do they get to you, and how do you deal with that?

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Glad everything is going well.
How long is recovery from something like this expected to take?