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DB Tom, you're sitting next to me, I could use the part of me that speaks to answer this....let's see, at 18....would have been end of high school I think. Dr John the Night Tripper, Beatles, Gamelan, Xenakis, Marvin Gaye, James Brown....foreign movies...Velvets, Incredible String Band...Coltrane...on and on...

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Hey David, I used to listen to '77' all the time when I was like 18--- was there a record you remember being obsessed by at that age?

Thanks, Tom (How To Dress Well)

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DB look at this crazy stuff I'm doing now-this!- and in the year ahead (Meltdown, a new musical, a science project)...I'm not really about the past, or nostalgia...though I am SO proud of most of what the band did....and it holds up pretty well I hear.

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DB: Annie and I and much of the band had bikes on tour- it was glorious way to wipe away the tour cobwebs and bond. Yeah, Annie and I have sometimes gone to concerts or shows in NY on bikes...and now it's spring. Annie's on tour somewhere now I think.

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Tom (HTDW) here--- periwinkle is obviously fragile and needs our support.