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So, it's worse than many people think.

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Traditional or German style?

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'German' potato salad, as is known in the US was made popular in the midwest by German settlers and families. Basically it uses vinegar and oil with bacon as seasoning rather than mayonnaise and eggs.


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You see, here, 'your' potato salad is very much like traditional American style potato salad. We don't call that German style.

'German' (or southern german as you say) is very different. In order to distinguish it - it has been called 'German'.

Nothing nefarious going on here., not usurpation. We eat both, and we call the vinegar one, 'German', which it is. If you are going to argue we have it backwards... I'm not sure I can help you.

I love chives in it, better than regular onions. It's a mellowed taste that works well.