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I am very new to Reddit and I assume I can leave my question here. How did you learn/practice your entrepreneurship from 0? Also, when you have something (for example, $$$) all of a sudden which you could never imagine before, how do you maintain your growth mindset? Thank you!

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Could you please elaborate a bit more on "how you can differentiate or build trust within the first 10 seconds of the conversation"? Thank you!

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Hi Michael, I believe it is very important to select the people around you. When you first started as a nobody, how did you expand your professional network of "good people"?

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Thank you Michael. The reason I brought this up is because a lot of people from disadvantaged background fear dreaming big - at least from what I observed and experienced back home (outside of the U.S.) years ago. They are always expected to have something stable and plain and parents will push them to make money asap (this is how the environment is and this is one aspect we can work on in the future). The mentorship program such as the black leadership program you guys worked on is really helpful in this aspect and I learned a lot from you guys.

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What defines a good collaborator in the tech industry from your perspective? Thank you!