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ConradChekhov11 karma

Have you ever painted stripes on a human?

ConradChekhov3 karma

Hi Jason, it's lunch and time to go and get a sandwich. What kind of sauces do you add?

ConradChekhov2 karma

Barry, Do you have any cats? And if so, do you call them 'Barry's Katz' ?

ConradChekhov-10 karma

Have you ever sniped an unconventional target (such as small animal) just for funsies? If so, what kind of damage did it do?

ConradChekhov-11 karma

Hello Mary. What do you think about military intervention to stop the threat of jihadist group 'ISIS' in Iraq? Do you believe that the answer rests in targeted missile strikes or does it suffice to increase funding to the peshmerga?