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for anyone not getting this joke, it is the handwriting.

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Just to clarify, because i am not familiar with metric, how do assloads translate into pounds.

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Now i know my answer for that genie thread.

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So most sports separate Male and female sport leagues for a plethora of reasons. How do you, and/or players deal with this? Watching some of the tackles in quidditch, it involves a lot of physical contact, heck I think I saw some suplexing in there. Wouldnt a female seeker have advantages against, for example a guy who feels uneasy about grabbing a girl that way? Also what about intentional groping with the game being used as an excuse, has something like this ever come up?

On a different note, how often do guys brooms catch on something and just straight smash them in the groin. This would be my biggest concern if I was running around with a stick between my legs

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So I'm not gonna lie that first part sounds very rapey, but I am glad it seems to work out.