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But the point is, he's trying to call out the original people who warned him specifically about his route, when actually he heeded their advice and it potentially saved his life.

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/u/whitney_rocketjump, I want to hear about birdemic!

  • How do you feel about the typical review of birdemic as one of the "worst movies of all time"?

  • When filming, did you or anybody else feel it was going to be as poorly received as it was? If so, why did you keep filming? If not, what do you think went wrong?

  • Do you still deal with any PR with regards to that movie? What opinions do fans express to you about it?

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Pshh is that even a question? Jenny Matrix, bitches

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I'm glad, to hear, even the actors, in AD, think it's the, funniest, show ever.

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Ok can you explain to me how you got into an Ivy League at 26 when you failed out of school the first time? I wouldn't expect CC grades to earn the kind of respect you would need to recover from that, especially not when you have no other experience between flunking out and now. It's not adding up for me