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Congenital0ptimist57 karma

What about rules and comment moderation that takes inspiration from the reddit /science subs?

Meaning what about limiting the discussion to facts, resources, vettings, timelines, factual tie-ins to other stories and topics, etc.

And just flat out ban all the noisy opinion and in-group competition?

No anecdotes, no insults, no opinion without citing experts/professionals. Etc.

A news aggregator where the comments serve as live ongoing fact and analysis vetting would be invaluable.

Anything else seems like it would devolve into another Flipboard?

Congenital0ptimist44 karma

"Free Speech" and "different opinions" but also "unbiased" and not "main stream media"...

Why does this all seem like dog whistle speak for a r/T_D community news app?

Congenital0ptimist25 karma

At the moment we don't have the resources to label the exact bias outside the US. But we hope to get there soon :)

Then why not label it "Non-US"?

Congenital0ptimist20 karma

I must be missing something? What does that have to do with labeling the bias "Europe" vs labeling it "Non-US" .

Congenital0ptimist17 karma

I think the intended question was - What might incentivize the Banks to stop facilitating it?