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Con_Aquila17 karma

Why in your opinion does the FBI leadership think it can get away with misleading judges?

Examples: Fiber Matching which led to the wrongful executions of 12 people, FISA warrant applications, illegal direct wire tapping ( Wei Shang Phua), Bundy Ranch, illegal Stingray use.

Con_Aquila7 karma

Absolutely. The FBI has been censured by judges, the media private organizations and even individuals multiple times for their dishonesty in court filings and how they have often used illegal methods to obtain evidence, going back years now. After being caught multiple times publicly why do you think the FBI leadership assumes they can continue as if those incidents never happened?

So do you think it is institutional arrogance? The assumption that Federal worker sheild laws will protect them? Ends justifying the means? Or any other rationale you think motivates them to continue to lie to courts and the public at large?