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Hi David, appreciate your work. -----What is the most shocking thing you've discovered in your investigation? -----Do you think Special Counsel or NY AG Barbra Underwood and/or Letitia James will have any incentive to go easy on Ivanka, Eric & Jr? -----What are your thoughts on Trump Victory (Trump re-election campaign and RNC merger)? -----Did you call his hotline to say "thank you" for anything? -----First heard you on Trump Inc; have been following your work ever since. How pumped were you yesterday? Going to sound strange, but as an admirer of your work, I was feeling pretty psyched for you. (I think that's the mom in me.) -----Not a question but, I met Donald Trump & Marla Maples a LONG time ago in my early teen years (Paula Abdul concert). He stole the very nice (pricey) pen that we lent him to sign his autograph. No crowd, just me and four friends. He signed, looked at the pen, cocked his head a little bit and then put it in his inner suit jacket pocket. I tried to get it back but he walked off real fast and the ushers held us back. -----Thank you for doing this AMA. #HoustonStrong

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Haha. It's pretty funny right? I assumed it was more for Marla than for him but who knows. They were still dating at the time, not yet married. She was super cute and very sweet btw. He was meh.

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I'm not entirely sure tbh. It was my friend's dad's pen that was gifted to him for graduating college by his (the dad's) mother.

His company had one of those box seats. The company wasn't using it for clients that night so my friend was allowed to invite us along. We had a private room where they served food for free. (I ate a ton Mrs. Field's cookies.)

Donald & Marla were initially seated a few rows ahead of us, in regular seats (non-box). A page/usher came to get them (I assume to bring them to better seats). And that's when we noticed that it was them. This was pre-Apprentice but we vaguely knew about them from gossip type newspapers/TV shows.
Someone said "let's get his autograph" and my friend's dad offered his pen. We followed them out to the "hallway" part. I wish I knew at the time how special the pen was or I would have tried harder to get it back. He walked away so quickly.
I only learned about how nice and sentimental it was when we returned to the box and his dad asked for it back. I felt so terrible.

It was decades ago so I doubt he still has it! He probably gifted it to someone. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Just checked out the website. It definitely looked more like this than the Papermates or BICs I used back then, though I can't say for sure. I really hope not though- I didn't realize pens could be THAT expensive. I feel terrible! 😞
He may have been rich. I saw him that way for sure. Free unlimited Mrs. Field's cookies was the height of luxury to my young mind. Oh and Dove Bars, they had those too. I remember we (my family) could never buy either of those bc they cost too much.

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I'd say 'he played hide & seek with his true intentions'.