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Complex-Downtown6 karma

How can you engage people in such a terrifying subject? I find cc a highly stressful topic. I often find myself looking away as there is nothing I feel I can do and also I am complicit but have almost no choice. I am powerless. Can you recommend a YouTube channel that is not all fear and terror... More like a news aggregator for CC and not just bad news but one focused on the issues and the solutions, the specific politicians, actions being taken.

Complex-Downtown1 karma

I believe weak opposition is one of the major factors in both UK and US under Boris and Trump respectively. It surprised me that neither of the main parties in the UK presented a strong remain argument considering the referendum was split 50/50. What lessons can be learned from Brexit for those in opposition? In particular are there lessons for those is opposition that would help deflate populist, emotional (non fact based), jingoism?