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Completelyshitfaced61 karma

“Thanks a lot Carl! Now I’ve lost my train of thought!”

Completelyshitfaced35 karma

Haha no mate.. I’m abusing it by adding it to sprite and drinking a whole bottle throughout the day - it’s the only opiate available without prescription in Australia

Completelyshitfaced16 karma

As someone who goes through that awkward conversation once a day with a (hopefully random) pharmacist I would love to have any insight from their point of view

Completelyshitfaced8 karma

Only if their unwashed seeds. Pretty hard to get those in regional Vic - all the main supermarket chains sell are washed seeds.

Completelyshitfaced2 karma

No thanks - our stuff has dihydrocodeine - which is stronger than the regular codeine that you guys in the states make lean with;)