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Before the pandemic, voter interest in this election was higher than any recent election and we expected exceptionally high turnout (largely due to the political climate).

We have not seen any indication that voter interest has lowered due to Covid. To protect against lower voter turnout as a result of covid, we and our partners pushed for states to expand access to the ballot. Happily, this has worked in most states and there are only a small few who have not expanded access.

But even in those states, we are seeing record turnout in early vote and vote by mail. As of today, over 40million people have already voted. It looks like people aren't letting bad law or covid stop them from exercising their right to vote.

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Thank you for being a poll worker! The good news is that election officials around the country are aware of this and are planning for it in advance. They are setting up systems for workers to report issues to election officials, who will take on the burden of dealing with them. They are also providing de-escalation training. In your training, I would want them to provide a clear escalation policy and tell you what precautions they are taking.

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Hi I'm Tracy Leatherberry, the youth outreach coordinator. So glad you are interested! Yes you can intern with us, either nationally or in your state! email me your resume and cover letter [email protected]

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So I'd say that is very unlikely at least any time soon. Only one state uses RCV statewide and that is Maine and it just passed it in 2018. RCV is on the statewide ballot in Massachusetts on Nov 3 and if passed that would make it only the second state to change their voting system. Lots of major municipalities use RCV including San Francisco, Portland, ME, Minneapolis, etc. But it's a big leap from there to the state ballot.

Common Cause supports RCV and is actively working to pass it in MA. Join in the effort!

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Yes. We believe that every voter should not have undue burdens in casting their ballots; and we are doing everything we can to stop targeted voter disinformation which could confuse voters and suppress the right to vote.

We have set up a major operation with thousands of volunteers to scrape the web for just this kind of disinformation and misinformation. We have preexisting relationships with platforms like Twitter and Facebook to flag these kinds of posts on social media - and ensure they are taken down (if they violate terms of service i.e. they contain false or misleading information). We are also working to point voters to trusted sources such as state election director web sites, county web sites, etc. If you want to be part of this effort please sign up at [protectthevote.net](protectthevote.net).