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CommonSense3228 karma

I tend to be skeptical when reading IAMA, because of the huge amount of trolls. I didn't however ones have the feeling that this story seemed made up. It might have been one of the most fascinating stories I’ve read on IAMA yet.

I do have some questions if you don't mind me asking: Could you try to describe Frank a bit more accurate? How was he build and where you physically attracted to him? Did he speak to in an ordinary way or did use a special form of speech?

Did he use any special technique during sex that you think might have advantages for us guys here?

All in All, it seems to me Frank really wasn't a bad guy. I do believe in a way he did take advantage of your state, but I know plenty of people who will in one way or another. In the end he enabled you start a new life, with a cleaner slate.

Tnx for the post and good and happy life, to the both of you.