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We had an argument that was very heated. He had been drinking. Courts will decide what else was involved. My opinion is, his pride was hurt and he lost an internal battle between his self-interest and the satisfaction of hurting the imagined source of that hurt.

I was expecting to have a very strained house meeting the following day and was writing a detailed diary entry at the time of the assault.

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I thought things were great, turns out he was harbouring resentments. He chose to lecture me about (his mistaken understanding of) my lifestyle while he was drunk at 1am. I wasn’t having it, not one freaking minute of it. I’ve lived in that house for about two and a half years and this guy was there three months and thought he had a right to spring it on us that he smokes pot. I’m fine with people doing what they want (though it is illegal here) but not in my house, you are upfront about that stuff, there’s people for you. I’m not proud that I let him get me so furious, but I think the police are satisfied with my recounting of the night’s events, I was very detailed, didn’t embellish, didn’t make myself out to be a hero. Accuracy is really important to justice.

It wound down and I’d basically told him to start looking for somewhere else to live. I got ready for bed, lay down and wrote a diary entry about the night’s events while my cat slept next to me. He also showered etc, went to his room, then made a terrible decision.

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The effect this would have on everyone I know if I did die. My social community suffered a terrible loss just 18 months or so ago, also a violent murder, so a second one would have been devastating.

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I was all business, had to be to survive. In the ambulance I was just yelling my medications, pre existing conditions, blood type, parents phone number, then allowed myself to collapse and start screaming until they tranqed me with (I’m told) ketamine. Lot of awful hallucinations after that, took an eternity to come out of it but it was just 2-3 hours.

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We struggled. I’m honestly not 100% sure. Doctors tell me I have fractures in my neck and need this brace for 6 weeks (4 to go now!)