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A different topic all together, but I personally feel like unions these days are just as bad as the corporations they're supposed to be protecting the workers from.

Long gone are the days when the unions stood for something other than money.

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Coming from APB: Reloaded, another F2P game, it was pretty apparent that while the game was no where near ready to be released into the wild in "open beta", they went ahead and did it anyway. Reviewers reviewed the game and gave it bad reviews, players panned the game as crap, and the game in general died again.

Id be worried about the same kind of problems in MWO from that kind of feedback by jumping into open beta when the game is clearly still under heavy development.

You may consider it a true beta, but the reality is, once its out and available to the masses, the game is in essence "released".

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Honestly, I see you as someone who is on par, if not better than Nigri. Yeah, she does more volume of stuff, but you are certainly there in terms of quality.

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server is down right now, I think its a patch for the lag issues.