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we've since forgiven Mark Cuban for his lapse in judgment

But... what lapse in judgement? Even you seemed to accept that it was dogshit and started over with a new idea. If he invested in the dogshit, he would have wasted money and you wouldn't have scrapped it to try something else that would actually sell. From what I gather, you should be kissing his feet and thanking him.

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I dunno, man. You're literally automatically censoring reality. Did you name it after that Black Mirror thing as a tongue-in-cheek way of sorta preemptively owning/controlling the inevitable comparison to the atrocious, borderline-dystopian themes of that show? Like, if you use the name in a whimsical/self-deprecating sort of way, it'll maybe distract from how twisted this actually is?

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You started this AMA 6 hours ago, and I've only seen 2 comments from you in this entire thread. One of them is this, and the other is your half-answer about the dog charity. So much for omnipotence.

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Hello. Do you pay business taxes on the community's business income? Do you collect and pay sales tax on the items your businesses sell? Do individuals who work for your businesses pay income tax on the money they receive from the community?