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Make Mine Marvel. Love the DC characters, and love their world, but Marvel has always been a bit more grounded for me, and seems a bit more interested in exploring the real issues that matter, especially that explore concepts of alienation and being apart. Give me Spider-Man, X-Men, and Ms. Marvel - these are the stories that really charge me up.

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That activism starts with you. Whether your a member of Anonymous or just someone at a desk, it is your responsibility to be educated. But most importantly, if you find yourself under tyranny, in any aspect of your life, you can't wait for a savior - you have to save yourself.

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And one can't forget the utterly charming MS. MARVEL, which is easily one of the best books on the shelves right now, for any reader.

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Jackson, did you hear that? Hold all calls - we've got a writing assignment to get to!

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What an awesome question. Jackson and I have a number of different playlists we listen to for every project, and Hack was no exception. In terms of the movie, anyone would be a fool not to hunger for Trent Reznor to be involved - in fact, the soundtrack to the Social Network played a large part in helping us to craft the world of YourLife. Tunisia obviously required a very different audioscape, so we found ourselves exploring the music of Ali Farke Toure and Fela Kuti. In fact, one of my favorite jams for working on Hack was a mash-up album called The Afrobeatles, (http://www.afrobeatles.com/), which combines Fela's music with our favorite boys from Liverpool. Very high energy, very fun, but politically charged.