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This is a little silly, but my first thought was "Whoah, really? I remember hearing a lot about Sadr City right about that time." I realized that it's because I listen to NPR every day in my car. I was just now surprised at the difference in what I'm getting and what most Americans are getting.

Here's a search for NPR and Sadr City, and you can see a whole archive of coverage: https://www.google.com/search?sugexp=chrome,mod=16&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=npr+sadr+city

I wonder if the mass murders in Homs, Syria, is similarly being downplayed outside of NPR. I'm not even aware if it has been mentioned in mainstream media at all, but if you've been listening to NPR last month it would seem like one of the most important events in history. Now I'm wondering if all the things like this are just totally gone from most peoples' radars.

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I'm in the same boat! We are literally a short bikeride away from Polis' district. It's frustrating because, it's like, on one side of Hygiene you get this awesome Rep doing great great things, and then on the other side of that line you have like the complete opposite ideology in Tea Party member, Ken Buck. At least we get to enjoy blowing up his voice mail every day like we do. What a shithead, that guy.

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Also, didn't early local adopters get some kind of limited privilege on distribution licenses to give them a head start? To give us a few years until the Phillip Morris' of the world come to CO and push the little guy around? I wish I remember the details.

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On this topic, I'm a former Marine, and I was just wondering if Chief of Staff means a similar thing to police as it does to the Corps: an enlisted level liaison to the troops that works directly with a commanding officer?

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They’re not lawyers or ICE agents. Their job is to follow the law and find a good carpenter.