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Well, i use one of those straps because I want to "tag" my luggage and not because I'm afraid it will break. My parents gave me the current luggage that I own and they look like any other suitcase you see on the airport.
I tried multiple things like stickers or one of those tags that you put on the handle but if the luggage goes on the carousel the wrong side I would miss it -_-
When the luggage that I own breaks I'm going to buy some with bright colors to keep this from happening :/

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and chillies too... yes... try chili pepper (。-`ω´-)

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Who was your Portuguese relative?

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Any crazy storys with Hans Zimmer?

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Couldn't it help if there was a national ID card?
Over here your IDs have a chip that you can use to identify yourself on government websites, you can even use them to digital sign documents. If you could digital sign the ballot with your ID it could prevent some meddling as long has the certificate used is a valid one